Have You Met Chef Scott Buchanan?

If the Travel Channel and Food Network know about him, you should probably know about him too. His name is Scott Buchanan, and he’s the Executive Chef and culinary mastermind behind Six Car Pub & Brewery and Yellow City Street Food. Classically trained by French and Asian chefs, including Michelin Star Chef Richard Chen, Scott’s kinda a big deal, and we are not afraid to say so.

Chef Scott Buchanan Amarillo.jpg

Scott grew up in Amarillo, but he has also spent time living in Houston and Austin, where he developed a taste for fine and urban cuisine. Since then, he’s built up two decades of experience in various kitchens and restaurants honing his craft. He’s worked in more than a dozen local restaurants over the years, building their menus and programs, and leaving each menu better than before he began.

In 2013 Scott and his wife Rin opened Yellow City Street Food and introduced Scott’s style of cooking to Amarillo. Since then both YCSF and Scott have grown, as has the fan base for his food. With the addition of Six Car, Amarillo is now able to get an even broader sampling of his talent. Whether you enjoy the sensory terrorism of the street food at YCSF, or the elegant, affordable luxury of our menu at Six Car, you’re bound to be impressed.

Amarillo Texas Sushi.jpg

Scott prefers ingredients and fresh produce that are as homegrown as he is, but his dishes are innovative and unlike anything you’ve experienced. You might not recognize words like “Chitarra” and “Medianoche” and “Cremini,” but your palate will happily recognize their delicious tastes and textures. We recommend bringing a few good friends to share several of Scott’s carefully woven creations on our eclectic menu. Or you can always just get the ‘Merica burger. It’s tasty too, and we’re sure as hell not gonna judge. 

Like the people who built this city, Scott is a pioneer. Come by Six Car, sit by the open kitchen, and watch Scott and his team go to work blazing the trail for the creative food culture a great city like Amarillo deserves and needs.

Your taste buds will thank you.