Why Do We Call It Six Car Pub?


Six Car Pub & Brewery is a pub, but let’s unpack that term a little bit. In our understanding as Americans, we tend to place pubs in the same category as sports bars: drink-centric places, slinging beers and happy-hour cocktails to sports fans. These spots have menus long on fried food and short on creativity, and they’re familiar enough to be completely interchangeable in our memory.

We didn’t call our place a pub on accident, but we had a more specific concept in mind. The word pub is short for public house. In centuries past, in Europe and the United States, public houses were the center of town social life. While enjoying a pint, friends and fellow citizens
shared the news of the day, played games, and participated in the age-old practice of being neighborly. Meals were shared and enjoyed. Civic business was conducted. Hospitality and friendliness reigned.

Six Car is a place to be neighborly. Our patios are great for congregating, playing games, and trading the news of the day. You can have a pint with friends in our dining room and enjoy the most creative, flavorful food in the city. Upstairs, we’ll likely have sports on at least one of our two televisions. We might not boast the most TVs per square foot in Amarillo, but that’s not
much of a boast anyway, not for a real pub.

happy hour.jpg

Ours is a pub in the best sense: a place where you can find satisfaction and satiety, both
spiritual and gustatory. We don’t always talk with big words though. Poets are as welcome as cowboys, and any color collar can enjoy our wonderful space. We welcome beer lovers and foodies, teetotalers and dining novices. You don’t have to be fancy to be welcome at our
pub—and that’s as it should be.

Ours is also a pub in the sense that we emphasize top-notch drinking and dining options. Our chef has 20 years’ experience, and he’s more passionate about cooking for you than your grandma is. We revere a great dining experience nearly as much as we revere a great pub
experience; maybe, come to think of it, they’re not even separate things.

And about our hours . . . Well, they are what they are, for now. Something else we value at Six Car is that modern concept of “work-life balance.” It’s a cliché perhaps, and yes, it’s a balance, which means that it can lean different ways at different times. But we want our staff to have a life outside of the pub. Not too much of a life, mind you, because what’s life without a great pub to call your own?


Colin Cummings
Co-owner & Operations Manager

Daniel Davis