What Can We Learn From A Brewery?

The Six Car project is an experience. Amarillo has never seen an initiative quite like Six Car, and the opportunities for learning and enriching ourselves here are endless. Designed by a collaboration of professionals, hobbyists, creatives, and dreamers, Six Car Pub & Brewery is intended to enrich all who encounter it. Whether it’s the incredible food, the beer, or the
architecture, the pub will speak to you if you’ll allow it. Hopefully, what you take away from your experience here will inspire you to do something fantastic.

In its current state, the pub is a lesson in construction. Everything that has gone into the structure that will house Six Car is extraordinary, and it will all be part of the greater experience. The thought, the blood, the sweat and the tears expended thus far make up a course you won’t find in any university. The students may be GED or Master’s educated, but we’re all learning together in the creation of Six Car. As we near the end of the construction phase, we’re building a solid foundation on which to teach. The contractors and carpenters currently riding the Six Car will soon hand their seats over to guests and patrons, who will continue the tradition of learning from this place.

From the “Amarillo” bricks cast into the sinks, to the maple tongue-and-groove repurposed racquet-ball flooring used on the bar tops and the ceiling structures, Six Car should invoke a sense of wonder—and spur curiosity and fascination in our guests. The thoughtful preparation of the food—and the beers our dishes are paired with—will be amplified by the knowledge that much of it was sourced, grown, or otherwise produced by our neighbors in the Texas Panhandle. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find something on which to geek out.

The kitchen, the brewery, the patios, the hospitality spaces. They’re all classrooms for those who want to learn. Staff will teach the ins-and- outs of baking, charcuterie, fermentation and presentation. Our walls will host a peek into our history and local art, and tell our regional stories. And our patios and dining spaces will be venues to make your own stories.

Six Car will teach us countless lessons over the decades to come. Forget prerequisites and intra-university politics; come see us downtown. Class will soon be in session!

Grant James
Co-owner & Head Brewer
Six Car Pub & Brewery

Daniel DavisComment