Can a single brewpub make an entire city better?

We believe that a brewpub can impact an entire city.

That’s a bold statement, maybe even a bit silly at first glance, but it’s our central reason for opening Six Car Pub & Brewery. My partners and I want to open Amarillo’s first downtown brewpub because we want to change our city for the better.

In this sense, Six Car is as much a cultural venture as a culinary one. In an economy where makers are few and far between, we intend to highlight the Panhandle’s culture of craftsmanship and build a better community through food, beer, and interactions with our neighbors. We intend to upend the traditional restaurant business model by investing in our employees and our own innovative spirit. And above all, we want to give back to the city that created us and supports us.

We’re passionate about everything we do. We want Six Car to be a wonderful workplace, which is why we provide benefits to our full-time staff. We’re driven by creativity, which is why we have a motley mix of artists and artisans contributing to our buildout and operations. We love Amarillo and the Panhandle, which is why we pledge to donate at least 1% of sales to local charitable organizations. And we’re invested in local food production. That’s why we buy as much locally grown produce as we can, including malted grains produced right here in the Panhandle.

Six Car Pub & Brewery will operate on three overriding principles: The value of creativity, the pursuit of excellence, and the importance of community. We’ll excel at our crafts and work to be the best in our industry. We’ll take care of our employees and guests, always observing the Golden Rule. And we will give back to our community and make Amarillo a better place to live.

In short, we’re going to work tirelessly to make our great city even greater and we’re going to have a blast doing it.

If you’d like to have some fun with us, consider becoming a Six Car Insider. Between now and March 15th we’re offering up five different membership options, from a one-year VIP package that lets you try a little of everything, to a lifelong ultimate brewpub experience that includes vast quantities of beer and a peek behind the curtain. Whether you want a discount on grub or to drink cheap for the rest of your life, we promise you’ll have an incredible time.

I hope you’ll join us.


Colin Cummings
Co-owner & operations manager