Respect the Past.
Craft the Future.


In the Texas Panhandle,

sometimes it feels like we’ve lost sight of the maker’s ethic. In this land famed for hard work and grit—a rich world of plowmen and cowgirls, saddle-makers and oil riggers—our eateries often feel poorly crafted and mass-produced.



Meet the six car team

Scott Buchanan - co-owner & executive chef
Grant James - co-owner & head brewer
Colin Cummings - co-owner & operations manager

At Six Car, we’re bringing the Panhandle into a new future—

one inspired by the finest traditions of our past. On this corner in downtown Amarillo, we choose our grains with care and buy local whenever possible. We are brewers, epicures and craftsmen. We pickle and preserve, cure and smoke, brew and barrel-age.

Six Car grew from a question in the minds of two brewers: What if downtown Amarillo got the brewery it deserves? Grant James and Colin Cummings set about turning their dream into reality, choosing for their site a historic corner that formerly housed Amarillo’s opera house. They named their operation in homage to the streetcar that once traveled through this part of the city. Soon chef Scott Buchanan came on board, with an eye toward locally sourced produce and carefully crafted cuisine, and the team was complete.

We view the Texas Panhandle as one big neighborhood, and we want to be your neighborhood pub. We invite you to come see what’s happening downtown.


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